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However Unspectacular: The New Suburbanism (Detroit) /// Comment of the jury: "This project concentrates on the specific appearance of shrinkage in Detroit, which should be viewed in the context of economic and ethnic segregation. The inner city areas, whose residents are mainly afro-American, suffer from erosion and poverty. In contrast, the white-dominated suburban areas continue to grow and enjoy economic prosperity.

The aim of the project is to, through the use of a series of measures, partially change neglected and largely empty inner city areas into an 'inner city suburb' in order to establish a suburban quality of life and improve property values.

The jury decided in favor of this project because it uses simple means to follow a socially oriented approach and seriously confronts reality in Detroit; appealing to peoples' own senses of responsibility and initiative.

Less convincing is the method of risk analysis, especially the judgment criteria in terms of spreading the risk through the use of insurance in order to achieve an ethnically mixed residential area. In spite of this shortcoming the entry is convincing in its positive and realistic approach; it should be further developed and have a trial run in a significant area. In doing so, the methods and conditions for the development of this ambitious project should be elaborated upon in order to carry the project beyond its own good intentions."

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