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Migrations (Manchester/Liverpool) /// Comment of the jury: "Migrations makes use of a statistic and a specific characteristic in order to confront Manchester/Liverpool on a metaphorical level. The two cities are at the center of a migration crossing point for birds, which has resulted in a unique biodiversity. Up to 120 different birds have been identified in the region; of these 70 are year-round inhabitants, 19 reside there only during the summer months, 23 during winter and 18 are transitional migrants.

The project wishes to make this great variety visible and take advantage of unused urban space to this end. The cities will be declared as bird sanctuaries and nests for the different species will be put up throughout these empty areas. Webcams will also be installed in order to observe the birds and the pictures transmitted to the Gallery for Contemporary Art. Previously unused space in the city will thus be filled with new and bustling life and allude to the parallel between the migration of birds and humans."

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