Cross-Sectional Views

Text and image panels, 2003-04
Projektbüro Philipp Oswalt, processor: Elke Beyer
Research: Jerry Herron (Detroit); Kiril E. Baldin
(Ivanovo/Yuzha); Alan Kidd, Jon Murden
(Manchester/Liverpool); Bernadette Bigalke, Volker Schulze, Jan Wenzel (Halle/Leipzig/Wolfen)
Graphic art: Hansjakob Fehr, Dorothee Wettstein
Four large-format walls document in text and image essential economic, political, and cultural events and processes that have shaped the selected sites in the last hundred years.

Statistics and Moving Data
Diagrams, cartography, and animations, 2003-04
Projektbüro Philipp Oswalt, processor: Anke Hagemann with Nora Müller and Sebastian Holtmann
Data research: Ed Ferrari and Jonathan Roberts,
Birmingham University (Manchester/Liverpool); Jason Booza and Kurt Metzger, Wayne State University (Detroit); Isolde Brade and Andrei Treivish with Marina Rattchina, Institut für Länderkunde Leipzig (Ivanovo); Anke Hagemann, Nora Müller and Thomas Lohwasser with help from Günter Herfert, Institut für Länderkunde Leipzig, and Umweltforschungszentrum Leipzig-Halle (Halle/Leipzig)
Cartography: Christopher Lee, DCDC, University of Detroit Mercy (Detroit); Robert Nisbet (Manchester/Liverpool); Sabine Horlitz (Halle/Leipzig); Andrei Treivish (Ivanovo)
Graphic art: Hansjakob Fehr, Dorothee Wettstein
Statistics show the paths of shrinkage in de-industrialization, suburbanization, demographic aging, and polarization, thereby comparing the four examined regions. The animations of Moving Data present the spatial data of population and the development of construction and the city in their temporal development over the last fifty years. They thereby make clear that urban regions are unstable, dynamic fields, constantly in flux.

Aerial Photographs
Photographs, color, 2003-04
Bas Princen, Rotterdam (Ivanovo); Christoph Petras, Anklam, and Horst Fechner, Halle (Halle/Leipzig); Landslides Aerial Photography/Alex McLean (Detroit); Simmons Aerofilms, Hertfordshire (Manchester/Liverpool).
Aerial photography at a slanted angle shows examples of city districts characterized by shrinking.

Urban Scan
Video installation with 8 videos, 2003-04
Albrecht Schäfer, artist, Berlin
Photos by: James Bolchover (UK); Mitch Cope (US); Igor Oderkov with Sergei Sitar (RUS); Albrecht Schäfer (D)
To convey a direct impression of the various shrinking cities, characteristic urban situations were photographed from a slowly moving car at all four sites.

Archive of Local Initiatives
Collection of original documents, short descriptions, 2004
Projektbüro Philipp Oswalt, processor: Doreen Mende
Research: Lisa M. Collins, April Jones-Boyle (Detroit); Sarah Penny (Manchester/Liverpool); Alla Bolotova, Alexei Kotlyar, Evgenij Shmelev (RUS); Doreen Mende (Halle/Leipzig)
The archive documents the impressive diversity of local initiatives in shrinking cities, for example social initiatives, cultural projects, organizations of small businesses, musical networks, early retirement associations, neighborhood initiatives, construction coops, and others.